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Bicentennial Chronicles

Bicentennial Chronicles

1819-24 Early Issues on a New Island (Self-determination)
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By meWATCH Published: 27 Sep 2019 Audio: English

Thousands of rats ran all over Singapore. They were not only inconvenient, but brought with them diseases. This was one of the challenges William Farquhar faced, who came up with a scheme to eradicate these rats by paying for any dead rats brought to him. Besides rats, William Farquhar had to build roads, manage the development of the island, secure a consistent supply of foodstuff and many other practical problems. By 1824, Singapore had become, in Raffles’ words, “all life and activity; and it would be difficult to name a place on the face of the globe with brighter prospects or more pleasant satisfaction”. In Farquhar’s previous job as Resident of Melaka, many nicknamed him as ‘Rajah Melaka’, a term of endearment for his sensitivity to local practices and attitudes.

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    1819-24 Early Issues on a New Island (Self ...
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Bicentennial Chronicles
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