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Bicentennial Chronicles

Bicentennial Chronicles

1819-24 The Other Port-Town (Openness)
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By meWATCH Published: 27 Sep 2019 Audio: English

As country traders began to ply their trade at the mouth of the Singapore river, another port flourished in Kampong Glam. Then known as Seduyong, the newly established court at Kampong Glam attracted the trading community and craftsmen from the region. A self-contained royal citadel, a padang and districts of traders, craftsmen and pilgrim brokers grew alongside shipbuilding and waterfront settlements. A Bugis Town within the vicinity began to expand and continued to flourish till the late 20th century. Despite its importance as the headquarters of Bugis trade in the Western Archipelago in early Singapore, the port-city is forgotten by most today.

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Bicentennial Chronicles
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