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Beyond the Cameras 我是媒体人

Beyond the Cameras 我是媒体人 - EP14

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 25 Nov 2019 Audio: Chinese

The ultimate challenge is finally here. Jia En and Wu Ying are required to prepare rundown and make all the bookings just like a Drama AP do. However, when they perform the task, they make mistakes here and there. Looking at the overall performance, who would finally get the contract ? Stay tuned ! 公布终极挑战,戏剧副导演练习生家恩和吴颖要以副导身份出一天外景,并分别编排当日拍摄的顺场表和安排下单事宜,即使之前已经学过,但两人执行任务的时候还是状况百出。纵观整体表现,两人最终谁能获得一纸合约吗?《我是媒体人》最后一集自有分晓!

Beyond the Cameras 我是媒体人
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