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Beyond the Cameras 我是媒体人

Beyond the Cameras 我是媒体人 - EP1

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 26 Aug 2019 Audio: Chinese

Yeu Her and Kano are the first 2 trainees to report for the Variety Assistant Producer role. Do they know what exactly does a Variety Assistant Producer do in TV productions ? In the face of unexpected challenges, and expectations as they go through on-the-job trainings, can they cope ? One of the trainees even broke down in tears under pressure, can she recover ? Stay tuned ! 节目为5个职位招募10位练习生,分组接受培训,首先上阵的两位练习生- 高雨荷和吕妤庭,她们对综艺助理编导的工作了解多少?报到的第一天,她们经历了什么让她们大开眼界的人与事?进摄影棚碰到接二连三的状况,她们应付得了吗?有人甚至不胜压力而掉泪,她是谁?千万记得锁定!

Beyond the Cameras 我是媒体人
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