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Between Two Worlds 分界线

Between Two Worlds 分界线 - EP5

46 Min

By Channel U Published: 30 May 2017 Audio: Chinese

Okinawa, Japan's southernmost prefecture, is known as a tourist destination with beautiful beaches. Okinawa islands are also known as Ryukyu Islands, that used to be an independent kingdom for centuries. During WWII, the island witnessed one of the bloodiest battles in history, when American troops invaded the islands. And today, tens of thousands of US military members remain stationed on Okinawa Main Island. In this episode of Between Two Worlds, host Belinda Lee explores the dilemma that Okinawans face - being Japanese and Ryukuan at the same time.被誉为度假胜地的冲绳岛曾经是独立的琉球王国,如今属于日本领土的冲绳却因为历史的因素和岛上美国军事基地的存在而产生巨大的矛盾。有些冲绳人要改变现状,有些则在冲绳丰富的历史文化中找到认同和未来。

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