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Best Friends Forever 致2020的我们

Best Friends Forever 致2020的我们 - EP13

34 Min
Some Sexual References

By meWATCH Published: 03 Apr 2020 Audio: Chinese

2010, Zi Ying was hospitalised, and the three girls were interrogated by the police. Yun Xi did not want Zi Ying and Si Ya to get implicated and told the police that the packet of ecstasy was Romeo’s. Romeo got arrested, Si Ya blamed Yun Xi for doing so and accused her of destroying Romeo’s future. 2010年,姿颖受伤入院。三女因Romeo被捕而吵得激烈,扯断了姿颖当初送给大家的Bff手链,三女彻底决裂。2020年,思雅怒斥芸汐根本谎话连篇。芸汐忍无可忍,怒言以后“再也不见”!思雅和姿颖得知芸汐回来的原因,两人明白芸汐的苦心。三女再次在火锅店冰释前嫌。三女到海边民宿,Romeo出现与思雅相见。

Best Friends Forever 致2020的我们
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