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Belly of a Nation S2

Belly of a Nation S2 - EP3

COVID-19 VS Hawkers
46 Min

By CNA Published: 24 Oct 2020 Audio: English

What do Teochew Braised Duck Rice, Malay Mee Siam and Indian Appam have in common ? It's rice. Cooked as grains, used as a fine vermicelli base to a sweet, piquant dish, or fermented into a batter pancake. This common ingredient cuts across different cultures and religions as the country rallies together through food while facing the restrictions under COVID-19. With the month of Ramadan approaching, the previous years' festivities and communal dining outdoors are cancelled but food continues to make its rounds across the island thanks to the collaboration of drivers and hawkers. But this new union also brings steep learning curves for hawkers as they dive into logistics and food packing for longer-distance travel. How does one ensure that Enoki Fries stay crispy, that Onsen Eggs remain runny and Prawn-Paste Fried Chicken doesn't turn soggy ? Out of all these constraints however, a new kind of Appam is born; one that has 3 kinds of cheese, Parma ham and microgreens.

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