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Belly of a Nation S2

Belly of a Nation S2 - EP2

Old Tastes
46 Min

By CNA Published: 17 Oct 2020 Audio: English

What old recipes are Singapore's hawkers using ? 90-year old Mdm Leong swears by her Wonton Noodle recipe, given to her even before World War II, when they sold for 20 cents a bowl, and tomato ketchup was obligatory. 70-year old Mr Teo still makes from scratch, pork sausages and meat rolls in beancurd skins. The recipe is courtesy of his grandfather who learnt it more than 90 years ago. Found only in Singapore and infrequently is Satay Beehoon. Rice vermicelli doused with unctuous scoops of savoury peanut sauce. The dish also contains plump pieces of cuttlefish; these aren't cooked, but reconstituted from its sun-dried version using a special alkali and lots of soaking time. Madam Letchmi makes fresh Appam and Thosai, but unlike the Indian originals, she morphed her generations-old recipe to fit Singaporean tastebuds: fluffy in the centre, crispy on the edges and eaten with freshly grated coconut and orange-coloured sugar.

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