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Beauty in the Gilded Cabinet 柜中美人

Beauty in the Gilded Cabinet 柜中美人 - EP34

45 Min
Some Coarse Language

By meWATCH Published: 30 Jul 2020 Audio: Chinese

The current emperor at the time neglects his duties and spends his time playing and frolicking with the ladies. He also has a habit of hunting foxes late at night. With their declining population and innocent deaths rising, the enraged Fox Clan wages a war against the royal family... 漳王起兵谋反,岂料玉溪临战倒戈归顺李涵。李涵用真心收服花无欢,他不费一兵一卒就平息叛乱。王守澄挑起战争传讯让漳王攻入皇宫,狐族现身终止这场战争。轻风和飞鸾利用魅果之力打败全臻颖,全臻颖容貌尽毁流落街头,玉溪以朋友身份帮全臻颖重新振作。李涵赦免漳王死罪,又夺去王守澄权利。李涵成全了玉溪和飞鸾的恋情,令魅果失去效力。花无欢放弃复仇离开皇宫,他坦承将此生不忘翠凰。

Beauty in the Gilded Cabinet 柜中美人
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