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Atin, Atan & Mak Cun

Atin, Atan & Mak Cun - EP21

Finale (Episod Akhir)
18 Min

By Suria Published: 27 Apr 2020 Audio: Malay

Mak Cun is going Guangzhou, China. While she is away, Kuntum who is back in town after 12 years in Saudia Arabia take care of Atin and Atan. Atin helps her friends in their studies but she is disappointed when she is not selected as the Top Student. Later they received a surprised when Atul and Fitri come back. Atan does not like Fitri because he spent his time with gadgets and speaks English. Can Mak Cun penetrates China’s market ? Will Atin out do Feng Yin as the top student in school and can Fitri stays in the village with the local children ?

Atin, Atan & Mak Cun
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