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Arts Guide 艺术全攻略

Arts Guide 艺术全攻略 - EP13

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 08 Jul 2018 Audio: Chinese

The last episode is on Chinese Opera. Dough sculptor creates Mei Lan Fang’s sculpture for storytelling. The hosts visit artiste Nick Shen to learn about Chinese Opera, the hosts even have chance to act in Teochew opera. They also show how to paint a Chinese opera mask with the glass painting method.最后一集的主题是戏曲!面塑专家将捏出梅兰芳的面塑,协助主持人讲故事。主持人请来热爱戏曲的艺人沈炜竣,他不仅会分享戏曲的知识,还让主持人参与潮州戏曲表演!最后,主持人将教导以类似玻璃彩绘的方法画出脸谱。

Arts Guide 艺术全攻略
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