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Another Era 再创世纪 (Dual Sound)

Another Era 再创世纪 (Dual Sound) - EP36

43 Min

By Channel U Published: 20 Apr 2020 Audio: Chinese;Cantonese

Dingyao offers a reward online for Tiansheng's dirty secrets. Minxi coaxs Tiansheng into confessing he hired a hitman to murder Zheyu. Police are looking for Tiansheng who is on the run. Dingyao quits her Chairman position and finally finds the fugitive she has been looking for. 定垚网上寻找天生的黑材料; 明晞引天生亲口承认买凶杀泽雨。警方通缉天生,但他已畏罪潜逃。定垚辞去傲堂主席一职,终于找到正在逃亡的天生。

Another Era 再创世纪 (Dual Sound)
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