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Another Era 再创世纪 (Dual Sound)

Another Era 再创世纪 (Dual Sound) - EP1

43 Min

By Channel U Published: 13 Apr 2020 Audio: Chinese;Cantonese

In 2008, Zhuo Dingyao, daughter of Hongkong tycoon Zhuo Qitang, becomes a pickpocket victim as she engages in street dancing in Prague. Fortunately, Huo Tiansheng comes to rescue her. Zhang Minxi hurries to meet up with Tiansheng in Prague to pitch a deal with Belial fund but fail. Meanwhile, they are plotting to take over the Tianyin Group owned by Fang Songyin. 2008年,香港富豪卓啟堂千金卓定垚在布拉格街头跳舞被扒竊,幸得贺天生相助。章明晞赶到布拉格与天生汇合,想与彼列基金代理人达成协议但失敗。另一方面,明晞与天生打算吞併方松荫的天荫集团。

Another Era 再创世纪 (Dual Sound)
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