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Animal World 动物小天地

Animal World 动物小天地 - EP13

Turtle (Last Episode)
23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 24 Jun 2020 Audio: Chinese

Getting a taste of farm life with animals. Life on a farm – it is how our ancestors have live. It is the first source of cultivated foods. To some of us, a farm life is considered therapeutic as it brings us back to our roots – aligned with nature and its rhythm. But as our world urbanises, our children seem to have lost touch with all of that. Milk supposedly comes in cartons. Wool is synthetic material from a factory. Grain is grown and harvested by machines. So what is the purpose of animals anyway ? Well, we hope to change these misconceptions. Film Formations proposes a 13 episode series to bring our young back in touch with nature by challenging small groups to stay, work and care for animals at animal farms across Asia. At some farms, we get our participants to rise early, prepare meals, work with the animals and witness the birth and even death of animals – for after all, farm life isn’t just about cuddling animals only. At other farms, we learn about the protection of endangered species and how humans try to undo the damage they have done to the natural environment. Whatever the objective of the farm stay, we aim to make the Animal World an educational, exciting and entertaining series for the whole family. Animal World is envisaged as a series where kids are invited to stay at a different farm in each episode. They will follow the routine of the farm-hands and do what they do. The trials and tribulations of their stay will be recorded in a reality –based format. We hope to expose as many different kids to the farms as possible and therefore the participants may not be the same in each episode. What remains constant will be the guide-cum-host who anchors the show. The types of farms we shall be visiting are proposed hereafter. The first group of farms are those where the animals concerned are reared and kept for conservation purposes. Children visiting these farms will get an idea of why these farms are set up and who the animals are protected and bred to increase their numbers. The children will have a chance to witness any birth of baby animals and have a chance to take care of them.

Animal World 动物小天地
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