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All Is Well - Taiwan 你那边怎样.我这边OK - 台湾篇

All Is Well - Taiwan 你那边怎样.我这边OK - 台湾篇 - EP7

45 Min

By Channel U Published: 02 Sep 2019 Audio: Chinese

Dong Huang learns from the TV news report that the process of him withdrawing the money was recorded down by Eric on his phone on the day of the testing. Shocked and angry, he questions Eric. Eric said that he was framed and asks Dong Huang to believe in him once more. But the two have lost their trust in each other and their years of friendship has come to nought. 栋煌从电视报道中得知那天的测试行动,自己取钱的过程竟然被Eric以手机录下,震惊又愤怒,质问Eric。Eric说自己是被陷害的,让栋煌再相信他一次。但两人已失去对彼此的信任,多年友情破裂。

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