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All Is Well - Taiwan 你那边怎样.我这边OK - 台湾篇

All Is Well - Taiwan 你那边怎样.我这边OK - 台湾篇 - EP20

44 Min
Some Violence and Coarse Language

By Channel U Published: 16 Sep 2019 Audio: Chinese

As Chen Chu is privy to too many Teng Sheng Bank’s secrets, Pin Rui and Hao Sen decide to join forces to get rid of him. As a result, Xu Ning is brought to Singapore to act as a decoy. Chen Chu turns out to be An Yi in a woman’s disguise, and bent on taking revenge for his sister. He turns up to save Xu Ning and gets shot multiple times by Pin Rui…. 因为陈储知道太多腾升银行的秘密,品睿与豪森决定联手除掉他,许宁因此被抓到新加坡当诱饵。陈储其实是安义男扮女装,部署一切为姐姐报仇。他只身赴约解救许宁,品睿对他开枪,安义身中多枪倒地……。

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