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All Is Well - Taiwan 你那边怎样.我这边OK - 台湾篇

All Is Well - Taiwan 你那边怎样.我这边OK - 台湾篇 - EP12

45 Min
Some Disturbing Scenes

By Channel U Published: 09 Sep 2019 Audio: Chinese

Eric learns from the news that Wei Yun is putting herself in danger by investigating the case. He couldn’t help but show up in front of Wei Yun as he is worried about her. Seeing that Eric is still alive, Wei Yun excitedly rushes forward to hug him and cries in his arms. Eric is surprised and touched by her action. Wei Yun tells Eric that she saw Dong Huang. Eric从新闻中得知维芸因追查建案,人身遭受威胁,担心不已,终于忍不住在维芸面前现身。维芸见到Eric还活着,激动地冲上前抱住他,在Eric怀里哭了起來。Eric被她这个举动所打动,同时又有些意外。维芸告诉Eric,自己见过栋煌。

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