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All Is Well - Singapore 你那边怎样.我这边Ok - 新加坡篇

All Is Well - Singapore 你那边怎样.我这边Ok - 新加坡篇 - EP5

45 Min
Some Drug References

By Channel 8 Published: 26 Aug 2019 Audio: Chinese

Uncle Yang breaks into Ming Jie's house, and forges a suicide note for Ming Jie's death, but police officer Jia Xin does not believe that Ming Jie will commit suicide. Xiao Ai joins an advertising company that is responsible for Hao Sen's company's advertisements. Both of them interact often and grow closer. A video that Zhi Ling recorded to wish her son Xiao Ji happy birthday is uploaded online. Jia Xin tracks the source of the video, and finds out that it was sent from April's phone. April was also a hostess that night, but she has already fled to Taiwan. 杨叔潜入明捷住处,伪造明捷自杀遗书,但警察佳欣不信明捷会自杀。筱艾加入广告公司,负责豪森公司广告企划,两人因接触而感情升温。网络上传出芝玲为小吉录的生日视频,佳欣追查来源,发现是来自另一陪酒女郎April的手机,但April已出境去台湾。

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