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Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嬷来做饭

Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嬷来做饭 - EP8

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 01 Nov 2017 Audio: Chinese

Cavin Soh returns to challenge Kym Ng ! Both of them have to learn from OCD Ah Ma, who has stringent hygiene and cleanliness requirements. And no more "agaration" too ! Ah Ma measures all her ingredients and insists both Kym and Cavin to follow suit. Can the duo live up to Ah Ma's high expectations ? Will Kym be able to win Cavin this time round, and prove her culinary skills ? 苏梽诚二度挑战《阿嬷来做饭》,与主持人钟琴PK厨艺。这一次,俩人要跟气质阿嬷学做菜。没想到原本和蔼可亲的阿嬷,一进厨房,就变严师,紧盯着两位学徒的一举一动。每一个步骤都必须让她检查,经过她点头,才能过关。而阿嬷的厨艺了得,名厨Chef Pung也称赞,她要传授的传统菜 — 福建面线糕,在市面上并不常见,想知道怎么做,就一定要收看节目!

Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嬷来做饭
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