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Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嬷来做饭

Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嬷来做饭 - EP6

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 18 Oct 2017 Audio: Chinese

"Wonder woman" is here ! The 70-year-old tech-savvy Mdm Teo cooks daily at home for her 2 granddaughters. She'll be teaching her 2 recipes - seafood noodles and turmeric fish soup to Host Kym Ng, popular duke Romeo Tan, with Celebrity Chef Eric Teo being the "referee" of the day. Besides cooking, Mdm Teo shares her story with the trio as well. Her enthusiasm and can-do spirit of lifelong learning touches and inspires them.李显龙总理在2017国庆群众大会上特别表扬的“张大姐”来了!本集节目邀请到的就是70岁“神奇女侠”张玉兰。除了掌握现代科技、骑电车送外卖,张大姐也是位称职的阿嬷,每天都会煮饭给宝贝孙女吃。这次,她要传授的就是孙女最爱吃的海鲜面和黄姜鱼片汤。虽然做法不难,但要在有限时间内,完成两道菜,对不常下厨的男神陈罗密欧仍是一大挑战。已经输了5次的钟琴,是否能把握机会拿下一局呢?

Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嬷来做饭
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