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Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嬷来做饭

Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嬷来做饭 - EP5

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 11 Oct 2017 Audio: Chinese

Who says vegetarian food are plain and boring ? 70-year-old Ah Ma Chen En Jiao became a vegetarian 2 years ago under the influence of her daughter. In this episode, she'll be demonstrating her vegetarian mutton curry. Will meat-lovers Kym Ng and Cavin Soh be able to master the dish ? Whose curry will be closest to Ah Ma's ? The final decision lies with Ah Ma and her family, as well as curry-expert Chef Charlie.70岁阿嬷陈恩娇因受到女儿影响,两年前开始吃素。热爱烹饪的她,也研究出一些老少咸宜的家常素菜食谱。本集节目,她将传授素羊肉咖喱的做法给主持人钟琴和男嘉宾苏梽诚。不过,阿嬷一见到两位艺人就开骂,接着进厨房,连名厨Chef Charlie都难逃挨骂的“厄运”。究竟发生了什么事?!

Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嬷来做饭
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