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Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嬷来做饭

Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嬷来做饭 - EP3

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 27 Sep 2017 Audio: Chinese

Is Yong Tau Foo your favourite hawker dish ? 65-year-old Hakka Yong Tau Foo stall owner Nancy is here to teach us the easiest and most efficient way to master this dish ! Host Kym Ng learns the steps quickly, while amateur cook Desmond Ng encounters difficulties and accidentally cuts his own finger while slicing ingredients ! Will he be able to complete the dish in time for food tasting session ? 婚前完全不会下厨,结果婚后遭婆家嫌弃!陈元蓉因此发奋学煮,练就一身好手艺,还当起了小贩,一做就做了30多年。65岁的她,已到了退休年龄,却为了要照顾弱智的养女,不得不继续忙碌赚钱,目前在荷兰通道的熟悉中心卖客家酿豆腐,每天凌晨1点就要开始备菜。客家酿豆腐的步骤看似简单,但制作馅料和酿入馅料的过程,仍十分讲究技巧。主持人钟琴和男嘉宾黄振隆是否能顺利完成这道菜呢?

Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嬷来做饭
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