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Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嬷来做饭

Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嬷来做饭 - EP12

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 29 Nov 2017 Audio: Chinese

Oh no, we have two Ah Mas today - 77-year-old Mdm Soh and her 53-year-old daughter Kim. Both of them are good cooks, Mdm Soh specialises in traditional Henghua dishes, while Kim is best at cooking Italian food. Which Ah Ma will Kym Ng and Lee Teng learn from ? Stay tuned to find out ! 今天竟然出现两位阿嬷?77岁的苏女士和53岁的女儿Kim都是阿嬷,苏女士擅长煮传统菜和兴化料里,Kim则喜欢煮西餐,拿手料里是意大利面和提拉米苏。究竟钟琴和李腾要向哪一位阿嬷拜师学煮?获封"四届冠军"的 钟琴能否再度打败对手呢?

Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嬷来做饭
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