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Ah Gong Can Cook 阿公来做饭

Ah Gong Can Cook 阿公来做饭 - EP7

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 15 May 2019 Audio: Chinese

In this episode, Ah Gong goes all out to impress Kym and Yingying with a scrumptious feast ! In return, the pair has to win Ah Gong's heart by recreating his famous Glutinous Rice. Will Yingying be able to defeat Kym by winning the favours of Ah Gong and Chef Charlie ? Stay tune ! 喜欢烹煮山珍海味的阿公登场啦,让鐘琴和何莹盈都看傻了眼!这回,阿公将带来他的拿手好菜之一,糯米饭。受尽男士们欢迎的莹盈能不能打败阿姐,获得阿公的芳心呢?敬请期待《阿公来做饭》!

Ah Gong Can Cook 阿公来做饭
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