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Ah Gong Can Cook 阿公来做饭

Ah Gong Can Cook 阿公来做饭 - EP6

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 08 May 2019 Audio: Chinese

Mothers' day is coming and it's time to whip up a sumptuous meal ! Ah Gong presents his Teochew Braised Duck which was passed down by his late mother. The list of ingredients alone is enough to throw Kym and Irene Ang into a frenzy ! How is Teochew Braised Duck different from others ? What is the must-have ingredient ? Watch to find out Chef Charlie's comment about Ah Gong's specialty ! 母亲节快到了!大家有口福了!阿公将带来母亲传下来的潮州卤鸭,可这却难倒了鐘琴和洪爱玲!单是食材就让两人喊救命!潮州卤鸭的特点是什么?不可或缺的食材又是什么?对于阿公的卤鸭,Chef Charlie又有什么话说呢?别错过了《阿公来做饭》!

Ah Gong Can Cook 阿公来做饭
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