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Ah Gong Can Cook 阿公来做饭

Ah Gong Can Cook 阿公来做饭 - EP4

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 24 Apr 2019 Audio: Chinese

Get ready to be swooned by our celebrity guest, Qi Yu Wu as he sweeps Kym off her feet simply with his presence ! Today, our suave Ah Gong brings along with him the delectable Babi Belacan passed down by his late mother. Coupled with Nasi Minyak, he manages to impress our hosts and Chef Eric Neo with two simple home cooked dishes. 这一集邀来了两位型男!一位是翩翩君子,戚玉武,另一位则是散发男人味的阿公,让钟琴神魂颠倒!阿公这回带来了妈妈的家传菜,是外头吃不到的娘惹峇拉煎焖猪肉,再配搭美味的马来油饭。名厨,Chef Eric Neo也将分享他的小贴士。

Ah Gong Can Cook 阿公来做饭
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