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Ah Gong Can Cook 阿公来做饭

Ah Gong Can Cook 阿公来做饭 - EP3

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 17 Apr 2019 Audio: Chinese

In the upcoming episode, Kym and Pan Ling Ling are given a pleasant surprise as an old friend turns up and treats them to his specialty, Oyster Mee Sua. Watch how Kym and Ling Ling vie to get into Ah Gong's good books while he discloses his secret on how to make unbreakable mee sua. Making his first guest appearance, Chef Eric Teo will also share tips on how to cook delicious Oyster Mee Sua. 这回的阿公大有来头,可说是钟琴和特别嘉宾潘玲玲的老朋友了!两人将讨教阿公拿手的蚝仔面线。面线要怎么煮才不易断?而自以为认识阿公的钟琴和玲玲这回将领教阿公鲜为人知的一面!这一回的名厨,Chef Eric Teo也会登场!喜欢吃蚝仔面线的朋友们,一定要学起来哦!

Ah Gong Can Cook 阿公来做饭
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