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Ah Gong Can Cook 阿公来做饭

Ah Gong Can Cook 阿公来做饭 - EP10

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 05 Jun 2019 Audio: Chinese

Kym is officially the nemesis of all male artistes as she has succeeded to take them down one by one ! Will she bear to do the same to Yao Wen Long who is starring as her husband in their upcoming drama ? Also, be prepared to get goosebumps as our romantic Ah Gong makes his appearance ! Oh, and Ah Gong will be serving his Teochew Deep Fried Prawn Balls ! 被封为男神杀手的鐘琴这回迎来了剧里的老公,姚玟隆,她是否会手下留情呢?这一集的阿公简直就是琼瑶笔下的人物,和阿嬷缠绵悱恻的爱情故事让主持人脸都红啦!阿公擅长料理潮州菜,这回将带来潮州虾枣,十分美味爽口哦!

Ah Gong Can Cook 阿公来做饭
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