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After Love

After Love - EP7

30 Min
Sexual References 性相关语;

By meWATCH Published: 20 Jun 2019 Audio: English

Skylar remains frozen as she hears the story of how Ryan was killed. She now knows that Derek and Ryan are brothers. And that she’s not crazy. Well, not completely. But at least she didn't dream of Ryan. He really did exist. “Did” being the operative word. Skylar doesn't reveal to Derek about her tryst with Ryan. She lies that she has never seen him before and makes a beeline to the exit. Derek is left with no closure once again. He’s been struggling with the guilt of killing an innocent man and his brother. And hoped that maybe he could find some closure with Skylar. But to no avail. All he has now is Deen and his mother. He continues to try and make amends. Skylar is trying all kinds of means to see Ryan again. And finally she spots him back at the park. And Ryan finally reveals his story. About how he had seen her from afar and how he had died in her arms. Skylar is thrown aback. Her first death on the job. The guy whose eyes still haunt her. It was Ryan.

After Love
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