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After Love

After Love - EP4

25 Min
Mature Themes 成人题材;

By meWATCH Published: 06 Jun 2019 Audio: English

Skylar is at the hospital’s resident counselor’s office. She is freaking out if she’s crazy. Did she make up Ryan in her mind ? She’s asked to take a leave of absence from her surgical duties. Skylar resists the order but has no choice. Back at the ward, she gets lots of pity votes and understanding nods. It must be hard to be a highflying surgeon who has no ‘heart’. Skylar starts to believe that she really did indeed imagine Ryan. Just when she’s convincing herself, Ryan appears in front her, fleetingly. Skylar chases after him, desperate to figure herself out. Meanwhile, Derek is trying to work hard at the bar and at the same time trying to reconcile with the victim’s family. Tired and feeling stupid, Skylar makes her way to the bar where Derek works. With a drink in her hand, she ruminates that nothing is real anymore. Derek chimes in about how life is weird. Skylar tells him that she’s a surgeon who’s going crazy and told to take time off. Derek tells her that he’s an ex con who killed a taxi driver. Derek heads back home, with a long lost smile. Skylar was a breath of fresh air and he had enjoyed talking to her. Somehow he feels strong enough to open that room once again and go through the paintings. As he goes through some of the canvasses, he stops dead in his tracks. He’s staring at a painting of a beautiful woman. A beautiful woman he had just met for the first time in his life. Skylar.

After Love
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