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After Love

After Love - EP3

21 Min
Mature Themes 成人题材;

By meWATCH Published: 06 Jun 2019 Audio: English

Skylar and Ryan hit it off again and vibe well with each other. Ryan teases her and gets her off her feet and into a dance. Skylar laughs, forgets her world and swirls to the music that only she can hear. Derek gets a second chance from his boss and gets back on the job. But he’s also trying hard to make amends with Deen and his mother. He stalks Deen every now and then and ends up saving him from neighbourhood bullies. Skylar is dreaming about an epic romance with the perfect stranger when a video of her dancing alone in the park goes viral overnight. Seeing herself alone when she was clearly with Ryan, sends chills down her spine.

After Love
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