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After Love

After Love - EP1

30 Min
Mature Themes 成人题材;

By meWATCH Published: 30 May 2019 Audio: English

The year is 2016 and it’s the night of the Supermoon. SKYLAR is on her first day of residency as a surgeon at Republic Hospital. But her nervous excitement gets thrown out when she ends up holding the hands of a dying patient involved in a car accident. His face can’t be identified but his eyes lock with hers as he breathes his last. Her first death on the job breaks Skylar’s spirit as she weeps. The year is 2019. Three years later and it’s the day of the Supermoon once again. Skylar is now a mere shadow of her previous sensitive self. She has evolved into a practical and clearheaded surgeon. She’s in a dreary but practical relationship with JEFFREY, a co surgeon in the hospital. When Jeffrey pulls out all the stops and proposes with an ostentatious proposal, Skylar goes silent and walks away. Meanwhile, DEREK is getting out of prison for causing a fatal car accident three years ago. He’s trying to make amends for his sin but is getting chased away by the family of the victim. Skylar, having now wandered into a lonely park, is quietly questioning her life’s choices. All of a sudden, a charming man comes up from behind and starts making small talk with her. RYAN, he introduces himself. As the night progresses, Skylar and Ryan end up having the best conversation ever. But just as he appeared, when Skylar turns around, Ryan is gone. Skylar goes back to the hospital and back to the bewildered Jeffrey. On the other hand, Derek lets himself into his empty house. He tries not to open a particular room, but ends up turning the knob and allows himself to look around. The room is full of canvasses and paintings. Some completed, some left undone. As he closes the door, one painting is in focus. A painting of Skylar. Skylar looks at Jeffrey and his puppy eyes. She turns down his proposal.

After Love
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