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Addiction: The Supplementary Series S1

Addiction: The Supplementary Series S1 - EP11

The Supplementary Series 11: Opiate Addiction: Understanding Replacement Therapy
20 Min
Mature Content 成人题材

By HBO Published: 01 Dec 2019 Audio: English

An informal lecture by Scott Farnum, Administrator, Acadia Hospital in Bangor, Maine. At Acadia’s model drug treatment program, Farnum discusses the different types of opioids and their effects on the brain. Farnum’s lecture clearly explains why replacement therapy is an effective way to recover from opioid addiction. While replacement therapy medications such as methadone and bupenorphine (Suboxone) are not magic bullets, they can help alleviate cravings and other withdrawal symptoms that often lead to relapse.

Addiction: The Supplementary Series S1
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