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A World Of Difference 都市狂想

A World Of Difference 都市狂想 - EP13

Certificate of Childbearing (Finale)
23 Min
Mature Themes

By meWATCH Published: 13 Dec 2019 Audio: Chinese

Yun Ting woke up, scared that she has lost the baby, but luckily the doctor told her she was just anemic. Still worried, Yun Ting tried to find a gynecologist, but a doctor with such expertise is hard to locate in today’s world. Only the area where people with significantly lower quality of life still required such doctor. The couple has no choice but to visit that area and realized it was a totally different world from where they lived. The gynecologist Qun Ma refused to attend to them at their area, leaving them no choice but to visit her area instead. After frequenting their environment, Yun Ting soon grew accustomed with the people living there, appreciating their warm and kind nature. During her third trimester, Yun Ting discovered the truth behind Guo Sheng’s conflict, and learnt that her husband has staged everything to make her keep the baby. Angry and disappointed, Yun Ting goes into hard labor… 韵婷昏倒,幸好只是妊娠贫血没大碍。韵婷心急着要找产科医生,但这个年代,只剩下最低分者住的西环区有产科医生。为了孩子,大家来到西环区,区内环境和居民素质与大东区相比是天壤之别。韵婷找到产科医生群妈,群妈经验丰富但不肯去大东区,韵婷和国升只好每个月来西环区做产检。韵婷经常进出西环区,发现这里的人情味。韵婷怀孕八个月,遇见Martin,得知当初其实是国升打了Martin,韵婷惊悉国升欺骗,十分痛心,动了胎气……

A World Of Difference 都市狂想
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