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A World Of Difference 都市狂想

A World Of Difference 都市狂想 - EP1

Marriage License 结婚执照 I
23 Min
Mature Themes 成人题材

By meWATCH Published: 06 Dec 2019 Audio: Chinese

Seeing how divorce rate is on a rise, the government has decided to implement marriage licensing. Before they were granted a license, one would have to pass tests to make sure they understood the responsibilities of marriage. Eason was a bachelor who disregarded marriage, but when he meets Claire, the woman of his dream, he realized that the only way to get his girl was to attain a license of the highest level. Confident at first, Eason encountered various obstacles, feeling more and more overwhelmed. He visited a massage parlor to relive his stress, and met Claire who was disguising as his massage therapist… 离婚率居高不下,市政府实施结婚考照措施,市民需像开车一样考取执照,确保在婚前已理解婚姻的责任和义务。结婚执照分3至5级,级别越高越难考,代表考照人的条件越优越,可获得市政府给予夫妻的津贴也更高。持不婚主义的广告创意总监Eason,遇见让他难以忘怀的冷傲女神Claire。但Claire只跟有5级婚照的男人约会。Eason只好去考照,自信满满的他在开始模拟课程后才发现考照非常难!Eason去按摩中心放松时巧遇乔装按摩师以按摩出力来纾压的Claire……

A World Of Difference 都市狂想
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