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A Taste of Festival 节庆。风味

A Taste of Festival 节庆。风味 - EP8

Qingming Festival
45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 19 Feb 2020 Audio: Chinese

Qingming Festival is a day of remembering our ancestors. Dishes of the festival from various dialect groups featured are Black Bean Cakes, Ai Pan, Qingming rice, white sugar cakes, meat offerings, popiah & dessert soup made with skunkvine. Chef Ivan demonstrates how to make crispy roast pork wonton. 清明节是慎终追远的日子。主持人将介绍不同籍贯的清明节祭祀和应节食品,例如客家人的黑豆糕、艾粄和清明饭;广东人的三牲和白糖糕;福建人的薄饼及海南人的鸡屎藤粑仔甜汤。厨师杨应晖也会示范脆皮烧肉云吞的做法。

A Taste of Festival 节庆。风味
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