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A Taste of Festival 节庆。风味

A Taste of Festival 节庆。风味 - EP5

Birthday (2)
46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 29 Jan 2020 Audio: Chinese

Besides a variety of birthday cakes, this episode also features longevity peaches & longevity noodles for the elderly, be it traditional egg mee sua, Teochew longevity noodles, Braised E-Fu Noodles or mee sua in consomm. Chef Angus also shares how to cook longevity noodles with Japanese sesame oil. 这集的生日美食,除了介绍各种蛋糕之外,也少不了为长辈祝寿的寿桃和寿面。无论是传统的鸡蛋面线、潮州长寿面、干烧长寿伊面,还是创新的法式澄清汤面线,或是厨师周承伟示范的日式香油拌寿面,都会在节目一一分享。

A Taste of Festival 节庆。风味
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