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A Taste of Festival 节庆。风味

A Taste of Festival 节庆。风味 - EP11

Mid-Autumn Festival
46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 11 Mar 2020 Audio: Chinese

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a day of family reunion. Besides introducing the making of Cantonese, Teochew & Hainanese moon cakes, the host also invites restaurant chef to share the cooking methods of hairy crabs. Chef Jeremy also demonstrates to cook two creative & tasty Mid-Autumn Festival dishes. 中秋节,是团圆的日子。主持人除了介绍广式莲蓉月饼、潮州酥皮芋泥月饼和海南盐酥饼的做法之外,也请来餐馆厨师分享大闸蟹的烹调方法。厨师詹伟健则示范烹煮两道中秋创意美食。

A Taste of Festival 节庆。风味
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