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A Song to Remember 星洲之夜

A Song to Remember 星洲之夜 - EP30

46 Min
Some Violence 些许暴力

By Channel 8 Published: 22 Nov 2011 Audio: Chinese

Qiao’er wants to burn and kill Xu Kun, Yu Hong and Jiumei. Fortunately Mo Li Guang rescues them in time. Qiao’er escapes and disappears. As the musical opens and Yu Hong prepares for her role as the lead, she is unaware that Qiao’er is hiding in the audience and plotting her next move… 巧儿布局,要烧死许昆、九妹和于红,幸好理广及时将九妹和于红救出,许昆则葬身火海,巧儿逃去无踪。《星洲之夜》开演,于红演回主角,在台上正要与久别的爱人重逢,却不知潜伏在观众群中的巧儿,已经伺机而动……。

A Song to Remember 星洲之夜
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