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A Selfie's Tale

A Selfie's Tale - EP24

How to be the #1 Trending Topic (imho)
7 Min

By meWATCH Published: 25 Mar 2016 Audio: English

Hao Nan arrives at Mandy’s house to try to explain himself, however, Mandy asked Hao Nan to leave. Mandy receives a call from Andre and he reveals to Mandy that it was not Hao Nan who shared the video online. But Mandy thinks Andre is siding Hao Nan. While Darren is comforting Hao Nan, Hao Nan asked him to help pass a message to Mandy. At the primary school, Mandy asks Hao Nan about his message to her. Hao Nan explains himself and asks for forgiveness. Mandy forgives him and they both make up. Much later, Mandy is allowed to back to teach. Candy on the other hand, is being shunned by students and teachers, after it was discovered she was the one who leaked the video in order to sabotage Mandy. Candy resigns shortly after. Darren manages to get a date with his therapist, and both of them join Hao Nan & Mandy in watching a soap opera. Hao Nan is revealed to be working out and still very full of himself, posing for the camera...

A Selfie's Tale
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