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A Quest To Heal 我的女侠罗明依

A Quest To Heal 我的女侠罗明依 - EP25

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 10 Aug 2020 Audio: Chinese

Ting Ting brings Ming Yi to a nightclub to have some fun. That evening, the night club was having a themed party and everyone turns up wearing a mask. Lord Gong along with the others were also there. Lord Gong invites Ting Ting to play some stage games with him, hoping to catch a glimpse of Ting Ting's face behind her mask, but Ting Ting declines. Lord Gong further invites Ting Ting to a meal, and Ting Ting uses the opportunity to match-make Ming Yi with this "long-haired" man. 婷婷带明依去夜店玩,夜店正举行魔幻之夜,大家戴着面具。龚王一行人也来到这里,他和婷婷上台玩游戏,一心想看婷婷的真面目,婷婷婉拒。龚王约婷婷用餐,婷婷想撮合夜店认识的“长发男”与明依认识,骗明依赴约,明依乍见龚王,大吃一惊!

A Quest To Heal 我的女侠罗明依
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