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A Quest To Heal 我的女侠罗明依

A Quest To Heal 我的女侠罗明依 - EP20

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 03 Aug 2020 Audio: Chinese

Li Shi Zhen prepares a pot of ginseng stew for Lord Gong. Little does he expect Lord Gong to suffer from poisoning, and was locked up in jail. Ming Yi disguises herself, following Bi Zheng into the jail, and realises that Ya San could finally speak. Bi Zheng interrogates Ya San about the hidden treasure map, but she could not remember anything. Bi Zheng and Ming Yi performs hypnosis on her, helping Ya San to finally recall and draw out the map. 李时珍炖药材太子参给龚王喝,谁知龚王中毒,李时珍被指下毒,被捉起来。明依乔装随毕正进入大牢,发现哑三终于能够说话。毕正盘问哑三有关藏宝图一事,哑三却记不起来。毕正和明依对她催眠,哑三终想起藏宝图,并画了出来。

A Quest To Heal 我的女侠罗明依
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