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A Medical Journey 寻医

A Medical Journey 寻医 - EP8

Inside Vietnam’s Busiest A&E Ward
45 Min

By Channel U Published: 27 Nov 2019 Audio: Chinese

With around 8 million bikes plying the streets, traffic fatalities are the main cause of death in Ho Chi Minh City. Danny Yeo stakes out at Cho Ray Hospital's emergency unit to witness the hard work and heartbreak that takes place round the clock - all due to a moment of recklessness on the roads. 越南是公路意外高发国,每年夺走8000多条人命。主持人杨君伟在胡志明市体验800万辆电单车在道路上横冲直撞的险象环生,并亲往医院急诊室,看医护人员如何分秒必争抢救车祸伤者。一时不慎,代价惨重。

A Medical Journey 寻医
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