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A Medical Journey 寻医

A Medical Journey 寻医 - EP5

Hanoi’s Cancer Hospital And Villages
45 Min

By Channel U Published: 06 Nov 2019 Audio: Chinese

In Vietnam, more than 300 patients died of cancer every day. Jojo Goh visits the biggest cancer facility in Hanoi - the K Hospital to understand how cancer is turning into a health crisis. A trip to a cancer village also reveals a bleak environmental hazard which threatens the people's health. 越南每天有超过300人因癌症不治而丧命。主持人吴俐璇拜访越南北部城市河内最大的癌症医院,了解儿童癌症病患的情况与寻医历程。她也前往城外的一个“癌症村”,发现当地的工业污染日趋严重,严重威胁市民的健康。

A Medical Journey 寻医
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