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A Medical Journey 寻医

A Medical Journey 寻医 - EP2

Manila’s Baby Factory Hospital
45 Min

By Channel U Published: 16 Oct 2019 Audio: Chinese

In the Philippines, 3 babies are born per minute. Manila is now the world's most densely populated city and home to a 'baby factory hospital'. Joanna Dong enters the delivery wards to uncover unsettling issues - high teenage pregnancy rates and poor families burdened by too many mouths to feed. 在菲律宾每三分钟就有一名宝宝诞生。首都马尼拉目前已是全球人口最稠密的城市,政府妇幼医院更成为举世闻名的“婴孩工厂”。董姿彦发现,不节育、孩子生得过多,不但加重了医疗资源短缺,也延续了贫困的恶性循环。

A Medical Journey 寻医
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