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A Medical Journey 寻医

A Medical Journey 寻医 - EP10

Taiwan’s Heart Disease Crisis (Finale)
46 Min

By Channel U Published: 11 Dec 2019 Audio: Chinese

Heart disease is the 2nd biggest killer in Taiwan, with one person dying from it every 25 minutes. Danny Yeo meets with Taiwan's best cardiovascular doctors to access the operating theatre for the most critically ill. For some patients, securing a heart transplant is their last chance at a new life. 冠心病或俗称心脏病是台湾第二号杀手,每25分钟会有一人死于心脏病爆发。主持人杨君伟前往台北探访换过500颗心脏的名医,并探访在生死线上与心脏病抗争到底的病人。台湾人心脏病的高发率,问题到底出在哪里?

A Medical Journey 寻医
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