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A Literary Feast 笔墨间的飨宴

A Literary Feast 笔墨间的飨宴 - EP9

Hong Kong
45 Min

By Channel U Published: 22 Oct 2019 Audio: Chinese

From local egg tarts, braised delicacies to mala hotpot, which dish will leave a lasting impression ? In this episode, Host Michelle Chia explores flavoursome dishes captured in the novels of 3 renowned female Hong Kong authors. 道地的蛋挞,醇香的卤味、独特的甜点、麻辣的火锅,究竟哪一种滋味是香港作家笔墨间最让人回味的料理?这一集,主持人谢韵仪探索了三位女作家笔下的香港美食,通过味觉去体会作家笔墨间所表达的情感。

A Literary Feast 笔墨间的飨宴
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