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A Literary Feast 笔墨间的飨宴

A Literary Feast 笔墨间的飨宴 - EP7

Hong Kong
44 Min

By Channel U Published: 08 Oct 2019 Audio: Chinese

In the martial arts world of renowned novelist Jin Yong, not only are martial arts heroes awe-inspiring, but flavourful dishes also come to life. Host Michelle Chia visits Hong Kong to experience the taste of the unique cuisine favoured by our legendary heroes and their famous author. 在金庸笔下的武侠世界里,除了有武功高强的英雄人物、还有让人食指大动的美食。书中菜肴的描述,在字里行间让人垂涎,也激发厨师的创意。 这一集,主持人谢韵仪走访香港,品尝提供视觉与味觉双重享受的江湖美食。

A Literary Feast 笔墨间的飨宴
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