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A Literary Feast 笔墨间的飨宴

A Literary Feast 笔墨间的飨宴 - EP4

Shan Dong
42 Min

By Channel U Published: 17 Sep 2019 Audio: Chinese

Shandong's Liangshan was the setting for "The Water Margin" classic novel, which depicted the grand journey of 108 heroes. Host Danny Yeo immerses in this epic literary adventure and discovers the feasts and flavours penned in the novel. 古典名著《水浒传》里108位英雄,缔造出世代津津乐道的传奇事迹。豪情万丈的英雄气息,在中国山东梁山,不只可以感受得到,也品尝得到。这一集,主持人杨君伟登上梁山,赴一场精美绝伦的水浒飨宴。

A Literary Feast 笔墨间的飨宴
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