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A Gift For Mum S3 妈妈的礼物 3

A Gift For Mum S3 妈妈的礼物 3 - EP3

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 15 Oct 2020 Audio: Chinese

The only wish this mother had for the past 20 years, was for her two sons to have a harmonious relationship.Jun Ann did not get along with his elder brother, and the two siblings started fighting since young. As he gradually learns to get along with his brother and understand his mother's feelings, he hopes to transform the living room area for his mother, to show his gratitude. 俊安从小就和哥哥不和,妈妈一直夹在他们两兄弟之间,苦不堪言。俊安现在懂事了,学会和哥哥好好相处,也开始明白妈妈的感受。知道妈妈喜欢在客厅看电视,他希望能够改造客厅,报答妈妈多年来,对他们两兄弟不离不弃的养育之恩。

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